Custom  Audio &Video Installations, Inc.


      We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.  First and Foremost,
the  C.A.V.I. staff is devoted to what we do.  We have been providing low-voltage and security services
for over 2
2 years, longer than anyone in the bi-state area.  As a result, our business has grown quickly
and almost strictly from referrals. The foundation of establishing a long-term relationship with our clients
is the understanding and meeting each individual client’s needs, which in turn allows us to anticipate any
future needs and the flexibility for new or upgraded systems. C.A.V.I. is a full-service partner, from the
initial consultation to complete installation and supplier of state-of-the-art, competitively priced products.
      We are devoted to staying informed and maintaining the level of expertise that has built     
C.A.V.I. into what we are today.
We realize the world of consumer electronics is constantly changing,
and can leave even the seasoned shopper feeling bewildered. We feel passionate about keeping abreast
of the latest technological breakthroughs, enhanced products, new and innovative installation techniques,
and an overall “up-to-the-minute” knowledge of the products and services we deliver. As electronic
systems evolve and change over time, entertainment, comfort and security features are continuously
being enhanced.  At C.A.V.I. we know it is vital to stay informed for our clients.  As consumer
electronics advance, we are convinced that by installing wiring and cabling systems today, your home
will have an infrastructure that will support the technology of tomorrow.  
      We offer a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE:  At C.A.V.I., we encourage our current and potential
clients to “shop the competition”. We guarantee to not just match, but beat any local competitor’s price
on any and all equipment and services. In our TWENTY-T
WO years in business, we have never
needed a showroom. Our competition passes this added expense on to the customer, and we choose not
to incur those costs to our clients. We encourage our clients to shop retail stores and on-line, narrow
down their product choice, and supply the model numbers to us for a side-by-side cost comparison.  
Everyday C.A.V.I. orders identical products directly from the manufacturer or local distribution
facilities, and the significant savings our passed on to our customers. In spite of their high-volume buying
power, not even the major retailers can beat our low price guarantee.
      We take pride in our outstanding customer service and delivering the most cost effective
solutions for our client’s individual needs.
We understand that technology and electronics in general
can be very confusing. We patiently take the time and make certain that each client is thoroughly
knowledgeable about their purchase and its’ operating procedures. In the event of an emergency, we are
available to our clients seven days a week. Our clients know that when the job is complete, we are still
there with a support team. C.A.V.I. not just meets, but exceeds our client’s expectations.  We value our
clients, and guarantee out-standing customer service and ongoing support for the life of your investment.
With over 2
2 years in business, you can trust that C.A.V.I. will be there to provide your electronic
integration needs for years to come.