C.A.V.I. SERVICES                    


C.A.V.I. Technicians are trained alarm installers, and C.A.V.I. is licensed in both Illinois
and Missouri. When installing a security system, our experienced staff can anticipate and identify future
needs and additions for our clients.  Our technicians can wire an entire home with doors sensors,
motion detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, sirens, and keypads at a very basic level. This
allows our clients the freedom to add additional devices as needed in the future. To further
accommodate our clients, C.A.V.I. can also arrange an outside monitoring alarm service for extra peace
of mind when protecting your home and family.
Recently, the majority of our customers have been choosing to go “wireless” when it comes to their
security needs.
With today’s technology along with Ipads, Iphones, Android phones and the apps you can get for free
many customers like being able to control and check in on the security system from anywhere in or
around their home and when away from home.  C.A.V.I. installs The Honeywell Lynx Touch
exclusively for those that love technology and want to get the most from today’s “smart” devices.  


As more families take advantage of the “comforts of home”, home theaters and whole house audio
systems are becoming extremely popular with all families. This is very affordable, while adding value to
your home as well. Once considered a luxury item, consumers are seeing the value and afford ability
when considering the products and services we provide. C.A.V.I. can offer high quality, yet affordable
audio components to meet each client’s specific requirements.
C.A.V.I. provides major name, top-of-the-line audio and home theater products at a significant savings.


We take pride in the fact that C.A.V.I. is the only chosen local dealer in a 50-mile radius to install the
MD Central Vac Product Line. MD Manufacturing Product Line has an impeccable customer
satisfaction rate, and we stand behind every brand we sell.  


We use only the highest quality materials to ensure every job is trouble free for the life of the home.   
C.A.V.I. only installs RG6 Quad shielded coax cable.  Our cables are home run from each location to a
common distribution point. This process allows any outlet to be compatible for cable, satellite antenna
and HDTV reception.


C.A.V.I. made a choice to only install Cat. #5e– 4 pair twisted wire for telephone.  This is standard,
and will allow up to 4-line capability to each telephone jack plus high- speed Internet connection from
any outlet.  Immediately after installation, outlets are ready for cable and telephone service. By having
Cat.5e wire already in place, our clients’ homes have the flexibility to add additional services if needed
at a later date.


We have a wide range of clients with their own unique and personal needs. Intercom systems and their
capabilities vary greatly, and should be selected with the system’s intended purpose in mind. Most
common homeowner requests include:  Whole-house intercom system, room monitoring and single or
whole house paging. C.A.V.I. provides the most affordable and practical solutions to meet our client’s
specific objectives.
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