For Over Twenty Two years, C.A.V.I.  has never needed a store or showroom. The savings from
having no overhead is passed directly to our clients. We encourage our current and potential
clients to “shop the competition”. We guarantee to not just match, but beat any local competitor’s
price on any and all in stock equipment.  Shop around, but let
C.A.V.I. provide pricing for any
model number from any area retail store. Let us prove to you the substantial savings we have been
passing on to our client for years!

These are just a few of the most requested products
C.A.V.I.  offers, available from several
product lines:
Custom  Audio &Video Installations, Inc.
LCD/LED Display Televisions
Plasma Televisions
Over-Head HDTV Projectors
DLP Rear Projection Televisions
Blu-Ray & DVD Players
In-Wall Speakers
In-Ceiling Speakers
Book Shelf Speakers
Outdoor Weather Proof Speakers
Outdoor Water Proof Rock Speakers
Universal Remote Controls
Home and Business Telephone
Intercom systems
Home Appliances
Car Audio Systems
GPS Systems
Home Theater Stereo Receivers
Home Entertainment Electronics
Central Vac Systems and Accessories
Wired Security Systems
Wireless Security Systems
Controlled Lighting Systems
Personal Tracking Systems