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Beam is not even made in the USA any more.
See the Press Release below and click the link after to see what happened to another dealer.
Electrolux Floor Care production to leave WC
85 jobs to be cut as a result of move

By Anne Blankenship Daily Freeman Journal Staff Writer
POSTED: January 22, 2009

Approximately 85 employees of Electrolux Floor Care in Webster City learned they would be losing
their jobs as the company announced it would move production and distribution operations to
Mexico and Texas.
Electrolux Floor Care, formerly known as Beam Industries, announced Wednesday that production
and distribution at the Webster City plant would cease and operations would be relocated to Juarez,
Mexico and El Paso, Texas before the end of the year.
The Electrolux Major Appliance laundry facility in Webster City is not involved in this action, officials
said, though 99 employees at the laundry plant were laid off late last year due to a weak appliance
The move comes as part of the Electrolux Floor Care global initiative to consolidate its production and distribution operations,
according to a statement from Electrolux Floor Care.
Production and distribution operations will relocate to the existing Electrolux Floor Care Products plant in Juarez, Mexico and the
company's large International Distribution Center in El Paso, Texas.
As a result, Electrolux Floor Care will have a single site for all North American manufacturing and distribution of vacuum cleaners
and central vacuum systems, the statement said.
Company officials said the relocation would be done in stages beginning in the second quarter and extending through the fourth
quarter of 2009. A headquarters sales and administrative staff of about 40 will continue in Webster City.
State Representative McKinley Bailey of Webster City said Iowa Workforce Developemt will be sending a rapid response team to
the community to help workers make the transition to a new job.
Bailey said Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) help trade-affected
workers who have lost their jobs as a result of increased imports or shifts in production out of the United States. Certified
individuals may be eligible to receive one or more program benefits and services depending upon what is needed to return them
to employment.
"Some of the displaced workers should be eligible for this because some of the jobs are being moved to Mexico. Those whose
jobs are being moved to Texas will still be eligible for a number of state funded job training programs," Bailey stated.
"I am already working with Senators Harkin and Grassley to assist displaced workers in receiving the certification from the United
States Department of Labor necessary to receive TAA," he said.
"All levels of government will be working together to make sure that laid off workers will receive the assistance they will need to
find new employment," he added.
The production facility, located on West Second St., began operations as Beam Industries, Inc. in 1956.
ELECTROLUX told a dealer not to tell customers that Beam is moving to Mexico!
Read for yourself.

The world of Security Alarms:
We offer our customers the best two wireless security systems on the market today.
DSC and Honeywell are the largest in the industry for product variety and innovation.
After consulting with our customers and explaining the differences in the systems, we help you make the
decision on that is best for you and your family. Since these systems are priced equally for the most part,
we are not ever trying to “up-sell” anyone.
The State of Illinois requires an “Alarm Contractor Private” License for an individual to sell and install
security systems. This license is not easy to get. There is a 3 year minimum waiting and work process that
has to be completed before an individual is even allowed to apply and be accepted to take the state test.
Which I have to admit is very difficult. Even with my education and experience in the field. The test is
given every six months along with special insurance and testing fees and in the year 2000 I qualified for
my license.
This license is in the person’s name, not the company name. What you see below is directly from
The Illinois Depart of Professional Regulations.
Alarm Contractor Private, Licensed
Licensee's Name DBA/AKA License     Number License   Status    City, State   Original Issue Date   Current Exprtn   Ever Disciplined?
JEFFERY A LESAN                                    124001470         ACTIVE     Troy, IL             09/29/2000               05/31/2014                   N

Once and individual obtains the “Private” license they then have to apply for an “Agency” license if they
want to have employees. This license does not require a test but an additional fee and renewal fee every
two years. The individual can give this “agency” any name they choose and does not have to contain the
name of the individual with the license. For example: Legally I could have had my “Agency” license read:
“Denny Blumberg Alarm Company” and everyone would think Denny Blumberg was the owner of the
alarm license.
I am explaining this because many companies in the State of Illinois have found ways around the system
by hiring and individual that has the “Private License” and paying them to get and agency license and
name the agency after their current business.  All of us business owners that have truly earned our
licenses call this “buying your license”.
The owner of any company that sells and installs alarm systems should have the private license in their
name and the agency license is the company that they are truly the owner of.

Profession is Alarm Contractor Agency Private, Licensed You requested license number: 127-001101
Licensee's Name        DBA/AKA        License                 Number License    Status     City, State  Original Issue Date  Current Exprtn   Ever Disciplined?
CUSTOM AUDIO & VIDEO INSTALLATIONS INC      127001101         ACTIVE    TROY, IL        10/24/2000                   08/31/2014                   N

Alarm Monitoring:
At  C.A.V.I. we contract with a central station monitoring company based out of Kansas City called
Alarm Central LLC
They provide security monitoring services to companies like us that do not own our own central stations.
Because they are in the business in selling a service we are able to work with them on the cost per month
of the monitoring. Since we are not under any long term obligation they know we could transfer our
accounts to another company if we choose.
The cost of our monthly monitoring (using a telephone line) is $15.00 per month paid annual in June or
December and does not require any long term contract. Any time after the first four months of service, a
pro-rated amount will be sent back to you from C.A.V.I. if you decide to stop the service. The same goes
for our feature rich GSM cellular & Smartphone monitoring for $25.00 per month.
Some other alarm businesses may be connected to other companies like ADT that once you sign up for
monitoring your account is sold or handed over to them and then the alarm company you thought you
had service from cannot help you when it comes to price. Many of those companies want you to sign a
long term contract normally for a lot more money that $15.00 per month.
One more thing, it does not mater if your alarm is monitored for just forced entry, forced entry & fire
you have 5 zones or 55 zones, your monthly monitoring should be the same price.    

Central Vacuum Systems: Bag or Bagless. Which is Better?
Some ideas seem really good and convenient.
Quick and easy does not always turn out to be the best or best for you.
Just because a brand is well known and recognized does not always mean it is the best.
It just means someone spent a lot of money to have it marketed the best.
If bagless was better or even just as good as a bagged central vacuum system, I would have it in my
home. But I do not.
I have not found a single dealer on the Internet that sells both bag and bagless central vacuum systems
that says a bagless is as good or better than a bag system.
Look on the Internet yourself and click on the links below to educated your self.
Care and Maintenance
Filter Maintenance
Beam’s exclusive filter is permanent and self-cleaning. However, if cleaning is desired, just follow these
five easy steps:
1. Remove the dirt receptacle.
2. Wrap a large plastic trash bag around the lower portion of the power unit, holding it firmly in place -
(as illustrated).
3. Grasp the sewn-in weight at the bottom of the filter through the bag (as shown) Shake vigorously Dirt
will drop into bag
4. Carefully remove the plastic bag from the unit. Then empty the dirt receptacle into the bag, as well.
5. Replace the dirt receptacle on the power unit. Remember, any dirt that is spilled can be easily
vacuumed by attaching the hose to the utility inlet and activating the power unit with the manual switch.
YouTube Video showing how dirty and nasty a Bagless Vacuum can get with it's so called "self cleaning filter"

YouTube Video: Vacuum dealer showing how to clean the bag on the bagless vacuum. ???

MD Manufacturing Video: How easy it is to change the bag in your vacuum cannister.